A Lifetime of Legacy Scholarship


Our scholarship program is intended to serve an incoming student by providing them support and additional resources to promote their success at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Completion of the program will result in a one-time, non-renewable scholarship of $500 (minimum) for any costs that they may have during their first semester freshman year. The requirements for those who apply include:

  • self-identifies as a male of color;
  • a high school senior in the state of Colorado (or recently graduated);
  • will be attending the University of Colorado at Boulder beginning in the fall term

Award Details

Scholarship funds will be allocated in two cycles. The first half being awarded at the start of the fall semester and the second at the start of the spring semester. To be eligible for the full award, the scholar will be asked to complete program requirements in their first semester. The requirements reflect our organization’s pillars and include:

  • attending events that promote cultural awareness;
  • completing hours of community service;
  • attend organized study hours

**Note: Award amount will be based on number of community service hours, cultural awareness events, and study hours completed.

Characteristics of the Potential Scholar

The potential scholar for our award scholarship is based on character, high school achievements, and displays to better themselves and their community through higher education. Because we do not have the time nor resources to meet every applicant personally, we have added a required essay to the application in hopes that we will learn about every applicant on an individual basis.

Supporting Documents

Additional documents are also required as part of the application process:

  • up to date unofficial or official transcript
  • proof of attendance at CU Boulder
  • minimum of one letter of recommendation
  • (optional) resume, cover letter, or other documents that would support your application

**Note: Please email the documents after submitting the essay below at: LambdaLegacy91@gmail.com  |  Subject Line: Scholarship Applicant (Your Name) 

Deadline: August 1st

The application process is open April 15th through August 1st at 11:59pm MST. The application below contains all the detailed information needed to apply for the scholarship. We will be announcing the scholarship reciepients mid-August before the semester begins. We look foward to all of the applications and wish you all the best of luck. 

Any questions, please email us directly at: LambdaLegacy91@gmail.com


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Includes Community Services.
Submit a 250-500 word essay of the following question: Do you feel as though you have already left or began a legacy at this point in your life/education? How have you started your legacy? How do you plan on continuing your legacy through higher education?
I, the student, will submit the following to: LambdaLegacy91@gmail.com