Graduation ceremony in the spring of 2006.

Brother Mario Alberto playing his guitar at a CU event.

First place at Stallion Stroll Off in 2010.

Our Purpose

To empower and foster intellectual and social development.

Our Mission

To nurture and further a dynamic, value-based environment which utilizes our historically Latino based fraternity as a catalyst to better serve the needs and wants of all people.

Our Core Values

Brotherhood, Intellect, Diversity, Community, Generosity, Trust, Service, Responsibility

Our Team

A diverse group of men in the lifelong pursuit of knowledge, professionalism and global understanding in accordance with our core values.

Our Means

We maximize the use of human and technical resources to provide specially tailored programs and social interactions.

There are so many fraternities in the world. Social ones, professional ones, musical ones. You name it, there is one for anyone and everyone. The great thing about so many different Fraternal organizations is that they all have the common purpose of providing a means of growing more in your collegiate experience. Yet each Fraternity has their own way of operating and doing business differently than other groups. So what makes Sigma Lambda Beta different from the rest of the crop?! What is it that brings people to love, appreciate, and enjoy being a member of Sigma Lambda Beta? 

Our Fraternity is built upon four Principles

Lambda Chapter brothers golfing with other Colorado chapter brothers.

To build a support structure and family while at school and maintain lifelong bonds with one another.

To provide tools so our men are successful in college and in the workplace. 

Community Service
To serve the needs and wants of our community, country, and the world.

Cultural Awareness
To enhance our understanding of one another and all cultures.

If you are an incoming or current student to the University of Colorado at Boulder, please connect with us with some general information:

Incoming or current students at other educational institutions can also contact the Lambda Chapter, but for direct connection contact your school or visit: