Lambda Chapter Founders, Los Camarades, 1991.

Lambda Chapter, est. 1991

Our chapter entity began before 1991. With an increase of latinos in higher education from the 1970s and 1980s, there was a need to further solidify the need of a sense of family and unity. Unfortunately, many of the same issues we tackle today as people of color are similar of those from yesterday. Creating a unified membership would help ease those struggles and help support people of color in higher education. Therefore, 7 men looked for opportunities in an untraditional matter. A fraternal brotherhood that was slowly establishing itself through out the nation, Sigma Lambda Beta (SLB). Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO was the first entity in the west coast and the seven men pursued establishment at the University of Colorado at Boulder with their help and membership education.


Los Camaradas
April 14, 1991 3:29 a.m.

1.    Joe “Cuchi” Salazar
2.    Tony “Tigre” Hernandez
3.    Roberto “Joven” Ortiz
4.    Thomas “Chavo” Haro
5.    Rafael “Suavecito” Espinoza
6.    Eddie “Travieso” Portillos
7.    James “Ganas” Foster

Summer 2015 chapter bbq.

XXV Year Anniversary

2016 marks our 25th year of existence as an entity of Sigma Lambda Beta. We have seen our brotherhood grow through out the nation from "coast to coast." Our chapter has over 70 members that have cultivated into educated gentlemen. Brothers have gone further into masters and doctorates programs to pursue their independent dreams. We are nothing like any other traditional fraternity, we are a brotherhood and a family first. Currently, brothers are engaged with communities at a collegiate level, but also in professional fields making a difference and providing opportunities for others as we have had in our experiences.

"Opportunity for Wisdom, Wisdom for Culture."